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Editor's Note ~ Fall 2012 (V6I3)

Every now and then you stumble upon an environment that has an effect on you, a place that firmly plants itself in your memory due to its offer of a unique slice of life and appealing ambience. Without question, Dawson City is one of those places topping the charts.

   From its dirt roads and wooden boardwalks, to its rich history and intriguing traditions, there’s nothing quite like that little Klondike town. As a first-timer, I expectantly hit the road from Whitehorse en route to the ever-popular Dawson City Music Festival, in 2007. I’ll never forget when my love affair with the Palace Grand began, as I basked in the beauty of the theatre to the dulcet tones of the Great Lake Swimmers.

   Years (and a few music festivals) later, it was a brisk February that drew me back for the Yukon Quest. That’s when it became more apparent how transformative a place it is. Life is different when it’s 40° below. Needless to say, we visitors only live vicariously through the stories we hear about day-to-day Dawson City life. Tales of its potluck dinners and innovative get togethers add another element to that mystique the North boasts.

   It wasn’t exactly a conscious choice that this issue of Yukon, North of Ordinary became so Dawson City focused. However, it speaks volumes about how infectious the place and its people are.

   Perhaps its most alluring attribute is the sheer amount of arts and culture overflowing from the riverfront town. It’s an unexpected breeding ground for musicians with soul praising the gospel of the genre with Soul Sunday each summer (pg. 71). It’s a place of artistic entrepreneurs, as seen with the T-shirt-making successes of the Klondike Drawing Company (pg. 29). Plus, it’s home to the impressive Yukon School of Visual Arts, which is teeming with creative masterminds (pg. 82).

   Call it a coincidence that even our latest columnist, Marko Marjanovic, decided to feature none other than the spectacular Tombstone Territorial Park, found just outside of Dawson, for his first “Yukon Hiking” column (pg. 66).

   Without further ado, enjoy this fall 2012 issue, offering you a slice of Dawson City life--one of the places that truly make this territory “North of Ordinary.”


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