Shades of Autumn

Photos by Manu Keggenhoff

Yukon, North of Ordinary art director Manu Keggenhoff adores the vibrant hues of our

northern landscapes during the fall. Here she shares some of her favourite captures that tell

a story of the season.

"I'm often asked by people who haven't been here during the fall if I alter my photos to get such vibrant colours. Truth is, I don't. I don't do a lot of post-processing, but I do take advantage of specific camera filters for each shot. Those who have experienced the northern fall know it is magical. They know these colours are real."

"I spotted this beaver as the bright yellow aspen were reflecting off the water close to shore--plus the warm light of the setting sun enhanced the scene. Living close to many lakes, ponds, and creeks in a land so rich with wildlife and untouched beauty makes my heart swell every time I'm outdoors."

"This is nature's red carpet. Blueberry bushes in the high country are not only a feast for the eye, but also provide a wonderful treat along the wayundefinedespecially when you carry a lot of photo gear around."

"Even a grey, rainy day doesn't look dull when the season is in full swing. The ever-changing weather and its never-ending play of light provide the best conditions for a dramatic photograph. The North is a photographer's heaven, and I feel blessed to call this land my home."

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